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At the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show, Ford Australia is showing off the all-new Ford Territory Titanium to test buyers’ reaction and also to gain exposure in the market. And yes, they have successfully done that. Hundreds of people are surrounding the Territory during the event and some sat into the car to feel the difference. Since the floods last year in Thailand, many consumers have changed their buying preference from sedan car to pickup trucks, PPV (Pickup Passenger Vehicle), or SUV to avoid their car drinks water if the …

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Mercedes-Benz Concept A Class on display at the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok on March 28, 2012. It is one of the top five highlights for the Motor Show.

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The Chevrolet Sonic is no longer something fresh in the U.S. market. It has been launched in Detroit for more than a year since January 2011. Many Chevrolet fans in the United States, Canada, Japan, Middle East, and European countries have viewed it and some have even tasted. However, it is something new to the Thai and Southeast Asian automotive market. At the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show, Chevrolet is showing off both the four-door sedan Sonic and five-door hatchback Sonic on their revolving stage.
The Sonic is the replacement for …

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SAWASDEE KA! The 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show, it all starts here.

Today is the first day of the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show. We understand that there are many people could not make it especially those who are staying thousand miles away from Bangkok. We flew in today and spent one whole day at the Motor Show. Here is a little thing we created for all our readers from around the world, the Virtual Tour of The 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show.
It took us two hours and five minutes to …