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Funny Car Commercials: Valet Parking Crashed Customer’s Supercars

We found a very funny car commercials from Youtube. A wealthy man drove his Mercedes-Benz SL500 AMG Sport Convertible to a 5-star hotel. The valet parking then crashes his car right in front of him. Everyone think he was suppose to get mad, but things didn’t turn out that way… Check this video out!

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Pranks and jokes can always bring laugh to our society especially a funny and harmless one. Here we have shared a dozen of funny car pranks that you can pull on anyone’s car easily. Some of these pranks are just illusion but it brings an unexpected result while some require a little knowledge about car. We guarantee any of them is a great one to play around.
Red wine wiper fluid
Okay, you don’t really need to use red wine or the expensive Lafite. Buy some liquid food coloring from any grocery …

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Life can be happier with some funny car pranks that do not harm the car or the driver. Here we have shared some funny car prank ideas that you can pull on a car anytime with anyone especially April Fools Day. These car pranks are funny, harmless, and safe to pull on any cars.
Fake accident prank
This is a very simple prank but funny to pull on a car especially luxury car. Get a note and write “Hey man, I am so sorry that I have just smashed your car. I …